Kitchen Cleaning

Palmera AB-100 Code: PAL AB-100

Powder - Heavy-duty abrasive "Ajax-type" scouring powder cleaner for use on hard surfaces, non-caustic.

Palmera Caustic Soda Code: PAL CAUST

Solid - Caustic soda pearl (micro-granules) for heavy grease removal.

Palmera CB-95 Code: PAL CB95

Silver, cutlery brightener and steriliser based on high quality alcohol.

Palmera LCC Code: PAL LCC

Liquid - Caustic-type hard surface spray cleaner for hot plates, grills, heavy grease removal, etc

Palmera SCI Terrific Code: PAL SCI

Liquid - Multi-purpose spray cleaner and degreaser, soak or mop application. Water-based, highly concentrated, pre-dilute befor use.

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