Speciality Cleaning Products

Hair Shampoo Code: PAL SHAMPOO

Concetrated egg pearl hair shampoo.

Palmera CAL-10 Code: CAL-10

Liquid - Heavy duty chlorinated alkaline foaming detergent for was down of food processing and handling premises & surfaces.

Palmera Degreaser X-10 Code: PAL X10

Liquid degreaser to be diluted with kerosene or white spirits for the removal of heavy oil, grease and stains, etc.

Palmera Pet Shampoo Code: PAL PET

A pH neutral shampoo suitable for domestic pets and show animals.

Palmera SCI Terrific Code: PAL SCI

Liquid - Multi-purpose spray cleaner and degreaser, soak or mop application. Water-based, highly concentrated, pre-dilute before use.

Palmera Upholstery Polish Code: PAL UPHOL

High class uphostery polish and surface rejuvenator. Spray or rub on application.

Palmera Window Glass & Mirror Cleaner Code: PAL WIN

High quality glass window and mirror cleaner, fast drying, streak-free. Pleasant fragrance.

Swott Fly Spray Code: SWOTT

Liquid - Natural Pyrethrum extract based insecticide. Extremely powerful, fast action kill insecticide spray far superior to domestic products, residual term surface properties.

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