Laundry Products

Palmera OS45 Code: OXY-BLEACH

Powder - Non-chlorinated oxygen bleaching agent powder, based on hydrogen peroxide. Applications: Laundry, de-staining of metal surfaces & equipment/utensils.

Palmera Laundry Bleach Code: BLEACH

Liquid - Powerful laundry bleach for pre-soaking, santising and de-staining soiled surfaces.

Palmera Laundry Detergent Powder Code: PAL LAUND

Powder - Concentrated commercial strength lemon laundry detergent for stubborn stain removal. Optical brightener and "oxy" bleach to whiten and brighten coloured fabrics. Safe on delicates. Selected fragrances

Palmera SCI Terrific Code: PAL SCI

Liquid - Multi-purpose spray cleaner and degreaser, soak or spot spray application. Water-based, highly concentrated, pre-dilute before use.

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